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ADA Compliance
May I bring a service animal onboard?

Yes. Only service animals are allowed on board. For all other animals, we follow a ‘No Paws on Deck’ rule meaning your pet must be in a pet carrier to be allowed on board for the comfort and safety of all riders.

What makes the NYC Ferries ADA compliant?

Our ferries are fully accessible to New Yorkers with disabilities, and comply with the requirements of both the Americans with Disabilities Act and New York City Local Law 68 of 2005.

Are the ferry landings and ferries ADA compliant?

Most ferries and landings ADA compliant

Ferry Landings
How can I find something to do by the ferry landings?

Please visit our blog for guides and information on the NYC Ferry blog.

Am I allowed to smoke on the ferry landing?


Are there restrooms in the waiting areas?


Is there parking by the ferry landings?

Only by our Rockaway ferry landing.

Journey Information
Is there food and beverages sold onboard the ferries?

Concessions are available for purchase onboard.

Where can I get tourist information onboard the ferry?

Please see the information displays on board the ferry!

Am I allowed to smoke on the ferry?


Can I distribute commercial fliers aboard the ferry?

Not unless they are accepted by NYC Ferry management.

Can I record video aboard the ferry?

Only for non-commercial use. If you are looking to photograph or record video for commercial use, please fill out a form at

Is there a fee for bringing strollers on the ferry?

No, and there are designated spaces for strollers!

Are pets /animals allowed on the ferries?

Only service animals are allowed on board. For all other animals, we follow a ‘No Paws on Deck’ rule meaning your pet must be in a pet carrier to be allowed on board for the comfort and safety of all riders.

Can I bring my hoverboard onboard?


Are rollerblades or skateboards allowed on the ferry?

Yes, however, be mindful of your fellow riders and carry the equipment.

Can I bring my bicycle on the ferry?

Yes, you may! The ferries have bicycle racks for your convenience. Please note that there is a $1 fee to bring your bicycle onboard! Please note that there is a limit to how many bikes each ferry can allow.

Are vehicles allowed on the ferries?


NYC Ferry Application
Will App work on the new Windows and Blackberry Mobile Phones?

The app is currently not available on Blackberry and Windows Smartphones

What should I do if I change or lose my device?

Contact and someone will assist you.

Can I see how much time is left on the active ticket before it expires?

Yes, The date and time of expiration of an activated ticket is labeled at the bottom of the activation screen

Which mobile phones can I download the mobile app to?

Android, iPhone

If I am having a problem loading the application, who should I call?

Contact and someone will assist you.

What can NYC Ferry do about the noise by the docks?

Hornblower and NYC Ferry, in conjunction with Incat Crowther has developed a vessel construction plan that reduces horn noise to the greatest extent possible, while still meeting the United States Coast Guard Federal Requirements for proper COLREGS.

How does NYC Ferry and Hornblower give back to the community?

Hornblower and NYC Ferry are committed to preserving the historical and geological land in New York by creating a cleaner and healthier environment for the Region. Our ‘All Hands On Deck’ Volunteer Program was designed to educate crew on the eco-friendly practices and upkeep methods that are part of our environmental standards. The volunteer program provides environmental practices on board, but also within the community by committing time to properly show crew how to recycle and reduce waste and contribute to environmental concerns in the five boroughs of New York.

‘All Hands On Deck’ provided crew the opportunity to engage in the community in which they work, live and play in.

Who is Hornblower, and what is their role in New York City?

The company’s New York division has been working in the Harbor of New York for nearly a decade, operating ferries, tour boats, charters and high-end luxury yachts. With more than 450 employees, the company carries 13 million passengers annually and is the largest private operator in the city.

With the expansion of NYC Ferry will add another 150+ jobs, bringing their total New York City employment to over 600 crew. Additionally, approximately 75% of the workforce live in the New York.

Why is the NYC Ferry supported by Mayor de Blasio?

Mayor De Blasio believes in one New York, working for our neighborhoods. In order to accomplish this, NYC Ferry by Hornblower was introduced to relieve the impact on the existing public transit and provide new options for neighborhoods, which have found themselves in transit deserts. To solve this, NYCEDC and the Mayor have matched MTA pricing at $2.75 per ride to create equity for all riders.

What is NYCEDC’s role in the NYC Ferry?

NYCEDC is the city organization, which has been tapped by the city to establish the NYC Ferry. The NYCEDC ran the East River Ferry pilot, and established the 2013 ferry study, from their perspective the optimal routes and landing sites, which lead to this phase of rapid ferry expansion.

Service Routes
How long will my travel time be?

Rockaway to Wall Street (1 stop): Approximately 1 hour
Astoria to E 34th Street(2 stops): Approximately 22 minutes
Astoria to Wall Street (3 stops): Approximately 38 minutes
Soundview to Wall Street (2 stops): Approximately 43 minutes
Bay Ridge to Wall Street (4 stops): Approximately 48 minutes

To explore travel routes and times further, please see our website at

Where are the ferry landings and how do I get there by public transportation?

You can find the most up to date information at our routes and landing page of the website.

Which ferry routes are currently open?

None. We are opening up our main lines in summer 2017.

Do holiday schedules differ from regular schedules?

NYC Ferry will only have seasonal schedules, depending on whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.

How do I find timetables for my ferry landing?

You can find timetables for the ferries on our website ( and at the NYC Ferry landings

How often do the ferries leave each ferry landing?

The time between each ferry depends on your route. Please visit our route explorer and timetables for more information.

How many hours per day will NYC Ferry operate?

The ferries will operate between 6:30am-10pm, 365 days per year.

How many landings are there and what communities will mostly benefit from it?

There are 21 new landings being built for this new service, which will serve New Yorkers in neighborhoods that have previously been transit deserts.

What routes are planned?

NYC Ferry will be launched in two phases. The Astoria, South Brooklyn, and Rockaway routes will begin operation in 2017, and the Soundview and Lower East Side routes in 2018.

What are the designated routes and terminals for this services?

Starting Summer 2017, NYC Ferry will provide a new, affordable way to travel between waterfront communities throughout New York City. The service will consist of five new ferry routes in addition to the existing East River Ferry Service – with a low one-way fare of $2.75 (the current price of a ride on the subway). When the NYC Ferry becomes fully operational in 2018, the six routes will carry an estimated 4.6 million passenger trips per year.

How do I get a refund?

All sales are final

Can I use my MTA card on the ferry?

Not at this time. The MTA is a state agency, while NYC Ferry is an NYCEDC project. To date, there is not a fare payment system that integrates between the MTA and other entities, however, NYC Ferry is working with the NYCEDC and the MTA to ensure travel-planning applications will provide New Yorkers with the most optimal transit routes.

Do you have any senior citizen, military, student or child discounts?

NYC Ferry has offers for senior and people with disabilities.

Can customers use a commuter debit card?

Yes, please make sure that you have the appropriate funds in your account. If the card is denied, it will take three to five business days before the funding will appear back on your card.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Can I use multiple tickets at the same time for myself and my family or friends?

Yes, just select the number of individuals traveling with you and it show on your ticket when presented to the deckhands.

How long are tickets valid for?

Unactivated tickets are valid for 1-year. Activated tickets are valid for 90-minutes.

When should I activate my ticket?

You should only activate your ticket once you are at the slip and ready to board the ferry. If the ferry is crowded you should make sure that you can get on before activating.

Do you offer weekly or monthly passes?

We offer 30-day passes, we do not offer weekly passes.

How much are tickets for the ferry?

Ferry tickets are $2.75, just like the MTA subways!

What if I did not bring my phone, how do I purchase a ticket?

We will have ticket vending machines at each landing where you can purchase tickets from.

Can I purchase tickets aboard the ferry?

You cannot purchase a ticket onboard.

Is there a fee for ferry transfers?

There will be no fee for direct ferry transfers.

Why should I download the NYC Ferry app?

By downloading our app you will enjoy benefits such as real-time notifications, 30-day unlimited passes, and much more!

How do I purchase a ticket?

You may purchase your ferry ticket on our NYC Ferry app, our website or at our NYC Ferry ticket vending machines at the ferry landings