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NYC Ferry

On-Board Safety and Code of Conduct

Your Safety Is Important To Us

To ensure that your ride is smooth sailing, please follow the safety guidelines listed below.

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    No Running

    Running is not permitted on board or at landings.

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    Stay off the stairs & ramps

    During docking, stay off the stairs and ramps, and landings until the ferry has come to a complete stop at the dock. Failure to do so may result in personal injury.

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    In case of emergency, listen for announcements and instructions from the crew.

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    Locate Life Jackets

    Please familiarize yourself with the location of life jackets on this ferry. Life Jackets are located on both decks of all NYC Ferry vessels. On the main deck, the life jackets are located in the back of the vessel, outside the doors in a container labeled 'Life Jackets'. On the upper deck, the life jackets are located beside both sides of the stairs in containers labeled 'Life Jackets'. Instructions for their use are posted throughout the ferry.

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    Ask For Help

    For assistance, see crew members

Code of Conduct

On Board NYC Ferry Vessel

Our code of conduct adds to the quality of your ride. Crewmembers take this seriously to provide the best service.

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    Let’s Keep Everything Safe & Aboveboard

    No person shall engage in disorderly behavior on landing sites or ferries. Disorderly behavior includes, but is not limited to, acts that endanger the safety of oneself and/or others and are disruptive to Crewmembers and the normal function of the ferries.

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    It’s a Ferry, Not a Garbage Barge

    No littering – bring all trash with you when you disembark the ferry.

  • 3
    No One Likes Sea Spray

    No spitting or creating of any other unsanitary condition.

  • 4
    This Is Not a Locker Room.

    No person shall bathe, shower, shave, wash or change clothes or remain undressed in any public restroom or any other area on the ferries.

  • 5
    There Are 149 Seats, You Only Need 1

    Lying down on seats and benches on board ferries is prohibited. No person shall occupy more than one seat. No person shall place personal belongings on seats and benches so as to interfere with their use by others.

  • 6
    We Have Fresh Air – Keep it that Way

    Smoking and using electronic cigarettes are prohibited onboard the ferries at all times. Smoking and using electronic cigarettes are also prohibited within all enclosed spaces in the terminal and is allowed only in designated terminal areas.

  • 7
    It’s a Ride, Not a Destination

    No person shall remain on any ferry or in any terminal other than for transit or other NYC Ferry authorized purpose.

  • 8
    Corral any Carry-ons

    No person shall leave any property unattended on the ferries or place property on the floors that may interfere with pedestrian traffic.

  • 9
    No Weapons on Waterways

    Unauthorized carrying of a firearm or weapon on the ferries is prohibited.

  • 10
    Use Your ‘Sea Legs’

    No person shall skateboard, roller skate or ride a bicycle, scooter or any other vehicle or device (except a wheelchair required for transit) on or through any part of the ferries. Bicycles and non-motorized scooters must be walked through the ferries.

  • 11
    Not Everyone Likes Your Music

    Playing any audible device so that it is plainly audible to others without the use of earphones is prohibited. Audible devices include but are not limited to phones, radios, game devices and video/audio playback devices.

  • 12
    Sorry, Fido – No Furry Friends

    Pets, other than service animals as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are not allowed onboard the ferries, unless they are caged and/or muzzled.

  • 13
    If You Like Creating Art, Rent a Studio

    Destruction, graffiti, or marking of vessel is prohibited.

  • 14
    We Have Enough Crew, Thank You

    No person shall do anything which may interfere with the effectiveness or accessibility of any systems or equipment installed or located on the ferries including but not limited to boarding doors and the public announcement and intercommunication system.

  • 15
    Save a Tree – Post No Bills

    Distribution or posting of any literature or advertisements, or campaigning without a permission of NYC Ferry by Hornblower is prohibited.

  • 16
    Lights, Camera – Cut

    Commercial use of video, photography or audio recording equipment without permission of NYC Ferry by Hornblower is prohibited.

  • 17
    The Golden Rule

    All persons shall follow the direction ferry Crew members.

  • 18
    Drink Responsibly

    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted off the vessel. We ask that you finish your beverage prior to leaving.

  • 19

    No outside food or beverages shall be consumed on board NYC Ferry vessels at any time. Please finish your food and beverage items before you board our vessels.

  • 20

    Upon entering the facility, all riders and their property are subject to screening or inspection. Failure to consent or submit screening or inspection will result in denial or revocation of authorization to enter.