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What is on-time performance (OTP)?

  • On-time performance (OTP) is a measure of how often vessels are running on-time. We track each time a vessel makes a stop using automated location tracking technology. We classify a stop late if it arrives more than 5 minutes late or early if it leaves more than 1 min early. OTP is calculated as the number of on-time stops divided by all the stops.
  • Delays include lots of things outside of the control of NYC Ferry including harbor traffic, weather, coast guard etc. Safety is our top priority and captains make the ultimate decision about when a vessel can safely get to a landing.

Why is on-time performance lower in the summer?

  • Generally, our research indicates that loading and disembarking by passengers is a key factor in determining on-time performance. Loading time increases when ridership is high, especially when we have new or leisure riders.
  • As riders become more familiar with NYC Ferry, we expect loading times to improve.

What are we doing to improve on-time performance?

  • We have created lots of infrastructure to allow passengers to purchase tickets ahead of time. Riders are able to download the app and activate tickets while in line prior to boarding, or purchase ahead of time from ticket machines.
  • Captains and guest service agents are also helping riders become familiar with the system by announcing stops along the route, displaying next stop announcements on screens and generally teaching our riders where they need to go.
  • Additionally, we continue to work on improving operations and schedules to improve performance.

Why is ridership lower in the winter?

  • NYC Ferry operates year-round, and ridership does tend to decrease in the winter months. During these times, we operate less weekend and off-peak service but maintain the same level of peak frequency on weekdays to ensure people can get to work.
  • In addition, all ferries are fully climate controlled and there are outdoor heaters for those waiting at many of our landings.