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Welcome to NYC Ferryโ€™s Ticket Portal, the fastest way to get your tickets delivered directly to your mobile device!

1. Create an account
2. Select ticket quantity
3. Input your payment information
4. Confirm your order before final purchase
5. Download the NYC Ferry app to redeem the ticket

How Does It Work?

There are two tickets types available for purchase, single-ride or 30-day passes. There are also ticket options for bikes if you will be bringing one on board. Buy the one that best fits your needs. All transfers within the NYC Ferry operated by Hornblower system are free and valid for 90 minutes once you start your trip.

Where To Buy A Ticket

  • Our App is available for download on your iPhone and Android phone. This is the fastest tap and go option.
  • Ticket Agent: If you donโ€™t have access to the App or website, our Ticket Agents are more than happy to help with your order.
  • Ticket Vending Machine (Ticket Machine): Readily available at the landings.
  • Website: Tickets purchased through the website can only be redeemed through our App, available for download in the App store.

An economical and convenient way to Work. Live. Play. in NYC

  • Adult One-Way Pass ($2.75)
  • Bicycle ticket options ($1.00)
  • Adult One-Way & Bike ($3.75)
  • Adult Pass ($121.00)
  • 30-Day Adult Pass with Bike ($141.00)
Mobile Ticketing

Go Paperless!

  • Tickets can only be redeemed through the app, available for download for Androids and iPhones
  • Store tickets in the app
  • Receive real-time notifications
  • Unactivated tickets are valid up to 1-year from date of purchase.