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NYC Ferry Winter Schedule in Effect Monday, November 2, 2020

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October 26, 2020 Maddie Phillips


An updated NYC Ferry Winter Schedule will go into effect Monday, November 2, 2020.

Also on November 2, there will be a modification to the East River route which will re-order the East River landings.


This change will increase seat capacity for travelers from the Hunters Point South landing during morning commutes and it will shorten travel time to Midtown for those coming from DUMBO, South Williamsburg, North Williamsburg, and Greenpoint.


Click to preview & download the new schedule to plan your trip accordingly.

NYC Ferry Schedules 

East River |ER Schedule Effective 11-02-2020

South Brooklyn | SB Schedule Effective 11-02-2020

Astoria | AST Schedule Effective 11-02-2020

Soundview | SV Schedule Effective 11-02-2020

Rockaway  | RW Schedule Effective 11-02-2020

Shuttle Bus Schedules 

Rockaway East Shuttle | RWE Shuttle Bus Schedule effective 11-02-2020

Rockaway West Shuttle | RWW Shuttle Bus Schedule effective 11-02-2020

Midtown Shuttle | Midtown Shuttle Bus Schedule effective 11-02-2020


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