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NYC Ferry Winter & Holiday Schedule

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October 25, 2023 Chris Petriello

NYC Ferry’s Winter 2023/2024 schedule will go into effect on Saturday, November 4. Here is everything you need to know about this schedule change.

  • Weekend schedules will be operated on the following days:
    • The day after Thanksgiving – Friday, 11/24/2023
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Monday, 1/15/2024
    • Presidents Day – Monday, 2/19/2024
  • A modified schedule will operate on:
    • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, 11/23/2023
    • Christmas Day – Monday, 12/25/2023
    • New Year’s Day – Monday, 1/1/2024
  • Departure times have changed on the Rockaway, Soundview, and St. George routes to provide a more reliable service during weekday peak times.
    • Rockaway riders – see this blog post for more details on why schedules are changing.

Click to preview schedules and plan your trip accordingly.

Winter Schedule

East River (Effective 11-4-2023)
Midtown Shuttle Bus

South Brooklyn (Effective 1-2-2024)

Rockaway (Effective 11-4-2023)
Rockaway East Shuttle Bus (Effective 11-4-2023)
Rockaway West Shuttle Bus (Effective 11-4-2023)

Astoria (Effective 11-4-2023)

Soundview (Effective 11-4-2023)

St. George (Effective 11-4-2023)


Modified Holiday Schedule

East River – Modified Holiday

South Brooklyn – Modified Holiday

Rockaway – Modified Holiday
Rockaway East Shuttle Bus– Modified Holiday
Rockaway West Shuttle Bus– Modified Holiday

Astoria – Modified Holiday

Soundview – Modified Holiday

St. George – Modified Holiday

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