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May 15, 2017 NYC Ferry

Calling all foodies! You’ve probably heard of foodies traveling by foot, but have you heard about foodies traveling by ferries? If you’re a local or a visitor looking to experience the city’s bustling restaurant scene, then let your culinary adventure begin with New York’s newest ferry service, NYC Ferry. Depending on your route, there is a wide variety of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, breweries and wine bars to satisfy your cravings all over the city of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

If you’re traveling to East River Landing:

Whether you are traveling to or from this landing, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from along the waterfront. Rest your feet and satisfy your seafood cravings at Water Park located at 500 E 30th Street. This 30-year old award-winning NYC restaurant is a favorite for New Yorkers looking to escape the inland. After a long day on the water, this restaurant is a great location to relax and enjoy live jazz and a wood burning fireplace. If Sunday is your day for relaxation, then you will most definitely enjoy Water Park’s Sunday Brunch that continues to wow the locals.

Get into the green culinary scene with River Park located at Manhattan’s Kip Bay. Their love for farm-fresh dishes makes them a restaurant who is proud to serve farm-to-table offerings. The restaurant even has its own farm located at Alexandria Centre for Life Science, one of the largest and most urban farming models in NYC. Their menu is impressive, their service is impeccable. Both restaurants make for the perfect stop at East River.

If you’re traveling to Pier 11 Landing:

Pier 11 landing is a 1-minute walk from Wall Street-Financial district. Their popular landing is also steps away from some of the district’s best restaurants. Whether you’re looking to enjoy Asian inspired Catfish sandwiches or a savory chicken-parmesan piece of pizza, you can do it all in this district. Pier 11 has dozens of cultural restaurants to choose from including, The Trading Post. This American restaurant features classic and modern decor and is located on the corner of John and South Street in the Seaport district. Facing the Brooklyn Bridge, the warm, rustic colors of the interior offer a relaxed atmosphere.

Luke’s Lobster is a famous seafood restaurant located at 11 different locations across the United States. Known for their delicious Lobster rolls, trio rolls featuring Shrimp, Lobster and Crab and chips and coleslaw, this location is a hotspot for lunch. Pair it with a Honey, Blueberry Wildflower Lemonade or Ginger Lemonade for the perfect afternoon refresher.

Hunters Point South

Once you arrive at Hunters Point you will be in awe with the modern architecture that hovers over the modern tables and chairs. Enjoy an ice cream cone at the food stand or kick off your shoes and enjoy the warmth of the sand between your toes along the beach front. Whether you are stopping by Hunters Point or making it your final destination, the area is home to both beautiful sites and quaint restaurants. A short drive from the Hunters Point South Landing, you can live like a Parisian at Tournesol a French restaurant located only 9 minutes from the landing. Their cozy chic atmosphere and classic French dishes make you feel like you’re in the heart of Paris.

South Williamsburg

When visiting South Williamsburg you’re going to find and fall in love with Pies-N-Thighs. This small kitchen with only a few tables is known for its fluffy big old fashioned donuts, crispy fried chicken-n- waffles, and smoked pulled pork sandwiches. The food brings a true southern comfort to the Brooklyn food scene. If you’re looking for an Asian inspired cuisine to tantalize your senses you will do so at The Chinese Club. The decor is a twist of new meets old and the dishes are inspired by Chinese ingredients and flavors.

North Williamsburg

When entering off the landing you’ll arrive at the quaint little village of North Williamsburg with spectacular cafes and restaurants. Including the St. Charles Cellar known for their cozy atmosphere and American dishes. The brick walls and exposed wood and pipes create a rustic and century vibe making it a great spot for a social outing. Only a 10-minute drive from the St. Charles Cellar, visitors to the city will find The Regal Diner & Cocktail Bar known for its Lobster Pot Pie and Falafel Burgers.

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