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Red Hook

Ferris Street and Clinton Wharf
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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Transit Options


B61 Bus between Van Brunt Street and King Street


F & G Train between Smith Street and W 9th Street


Commerce St between Imlay St. and Van Burn
Between Pioneer St and Van Brunt St
Van Brunt St & Wolcott St.
Coffey St. and Conover St
Richards St & Delavan St
Coffey Park, Richard St and Pioneer St.
Loraine St. & Dwight St.
Columbia St. and W 9th St.
Columbia St. and Loraine St.
W 9th St. and Henry St.
Henry St. and Bay St.

Neighborhood Fun Facts

  • Red Hook has been part of the city of Brooklyn since the 1600s and was named for the red clay soil and the Dutch word for point (Hoek) by Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam in 1636
  • During the Battle of Brooklyn between the British and the Americans in 1776, a fort was built in this neighborhood called “Fort Defiance,” but it is not clear where exactly this fort ever stood due to the lack of streets in the area at the time
  • In the 1840s entrepreneurs built innovative ports along the canals and basins in Red Hook, and by the 1920s Red Hook was the busiest freight port in the world!