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North Williamsburg

North 6th Street and Kent Ave
Williamsburg, NY 11249

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B32 Bus between Kent Avenue and N 6 Street
Q59 Bus between Kent Avenue and S 1 Street
B62 between Bedford Avenue and N 5 Street


L Train between Bedford Avenue and N 7th Street


Metropolitan Ave & Bedford Avenue

Neighborhood Fun Facts

  • Did you know Williamsburg is home to some of the largest industrial firms of the United States? Companies such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Domino’s Sugar were two of the many famous brands starting in this neighborhood, and you can still visit the Domino’s building!
  • Breweries have been a staple for Williamsburg for a long time, with Schaefer, Rheingold and Schlitz started out by the Williamsburg waterfront
  • With the building of the Williamsburg Bridge in 1903, thousands of Lower East Side residents moved to Williamsburg for a better life, and the neighborhood’s population doubled between 1900 and 1920!