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The Socrates Annual

A showcase of new public art all winter long - extended to March 25th with closing party details!

DetailsMarch 25, 2018
Socrates Sculpture Park

The Socrates Annual, which opened at Socrates Sculpture Park on October 1, and is running  now through March 25, 2018 and showcases artists creating new works of public art. Participating artists, whose diverse range of medium include mosaic, cast concrete, glass, and painting, were selected by a team of highly skilled professionals from leading institutions.

The 2017 Socrates Annual participating artists are:

Joe Bochynski
Paul Branca
Tanda Francis
Devra Freelander
Doreen Garner
Gordon Hall
Tali Keren and Alex Strada
Valerie Piraino
Sreshta Rit Premnath
Ronny Quevedo
Amy Ritter
Moeinedin Shashaei
David B. Smith
Laura Swanson
Wang Xu

Artist: Devra Freelander

The Socrates Annual – formerly known as The Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition – is an annual exhibition of new public art that addresses the most urgent issues of today. Its mission is to foster individual artist projects rather than present an overarching theme and has been ongoing every year since its inception in 1995.

Artist fellowships at Socrates Sculpture Park give artists not only the opportunity to create ambitiously scaled outdoor works but they’re also offered studio and fabrication facilities on site as well.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a digital catalogue to be added to a growing digital library of e-publications and videos available at

Socrates Sculpture Park is open daily from 9AM – sundown.

Socrates Annual Closing Celebration! Sunday March 25th 3 – 5pm


3-5 PM: Socrates Annual artists Tali Keren & Alex StradaMoeinedin Shashaei, and Wang Xu each created video projects closely related to their respective pieces in The Socrates Annual exhibition. These videos will be screened on a loop in the Education Tent.

3:15PM & 4:45PM: View a dance piece inspired by 2017 artist fellow Devra Freelander’s installation Fluorescent Sun, choreographed by Yael Nachajon. Featuring the interactions of two performers, the dance focuses on themes like the dichotomy of digital/physical identity, and flowing in and out of sync with the world around you.

3:30PM: David B. Smith will present Threads of Sound, a sound performance and extension of his sculpture Digital Skin. Similar to Smith’s weaving together of past Socrates Artists’ Broadway Billboards to form Digital Skin, he will use looping pedals with live vocals, guitar, percussion and wind instruments to blend together current Socrates Annual Artists’ language taken from online interviews. This looping will create a kaleidoscopic soundscape, referencing his experience of working in the park, and being a thread in Socrates’ fabric of creativity and community.

Snacks and warm beverages will be served in the Education Tent throughout the afternoon.