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Second Sundays TankerTime

Come Down to Portside's Second Sundays TankerTime Onboard the Mary Whalen

Details Date: July 21, 2019 iCal
Start: 6:00 PM
End: 11:59 PM
PortSide NewYork (map)
190 Pioneer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Second Sundays TankerTime

Second Sundays TankerTime, is back! Take NYC Ferry’s South Brooklyn Route Red Hook, Atlantic Basin this weekend! At 10 pm, the musicians’ jam of Mediterranean music starts on the historic ship MARY A. WHALEN, home of PortSide NewYork.


Enjoy the main deck of the ship. Bring dinner, drinks… Lounge in a hammock, read books from our maritime library, create at the ArtTable.  Stretch out in a lounge chair, immerse yourself in the maritime ambiance of our location. Get a sense of the vibe here.

While in the neighborhood, learn more about Red Hook history and present via PortSide’s digital guide

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