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Open House New York – Tours of the LEHIGH VALLEY 79

This Weekend Tour the Waterfront Museum's Lehigh Valley 79 with Open House New York!

Details Date: October 19, 2019 iCal
Start: 1:00 PM
End: 5:00 PM
Waterfront Museum (map)
290 Conover St
Brooklyn, NY 11231



Take NYC Ferry’s South Brooklyn Route to Red Hook to tour and explore the LEHIGH VALLEY 79, a historic wooden ship built in 1914 located at the  Waterfront Museum on Conover St. 

 A visit includes a look at the cargo space, the Captain’s original living quarters, the tools used by longshoremen and stevedores and the gongs and bells of the tug and barge system. staff will be on board from 1-5 pm to tell the story of the barge’s rescue from the mud, what the vessel was used for and the shifts in commerce history that have led to its obsolescence.  


“Due to the shipping industry’s shift to container operations outside of the Port of New York, the consequential abandonment of waterfront railroad systems brought about the obsolescence of the Hudson River Barge…

In 1985 less than a dozen covered railroad barges remained intact. The majority of these were renovated for boat club use, marina breakwaters, etc. The Lehigh Valley Railroad Barge Number 79 is an excellent representative type of the Hudson River Railroad Barge, and she survives in original condition. She is a rarity based not only upon her historical significance and social impact but also upon her pristine state of preservation. Today, the Lehigh Valley No. 79 represents the only surviving all-wooden example of the Hudson River Railroad Barge from the Lighterage Age (1860-1960) that remains afloat and accessible to the general public…”

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