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Beach Sessions #2

Dance on the sand in Rockaway

Details Date: August 26, 2017 iCal
Start: 6:00 PM
End: 8:00 PM
Beach 110th Street (map)
Beach 110th Street and Shorefront Blvd
Rockaway, NY 11693

Come for the beach and stay for the free dance performances at Beach 110th Street! Performance begins at 6pm on the sand.

Beach Sessions’ mission is to support creativity in the Rockaways, facilitate public engagement with contemporary dance on the peninsula, and inspire sustained investment in the natural beauty of the Rockaway shoreline. Beach Sessions Dance Series is curated and organized by Sasha Okshteyn.

Saturday’s performances include:


Arena is a new performance by Madeline Hollander composed of a series of duets featuring beach rake trucks and six dancers. The work presents a choreographic study of dissipative structures and autopoiesis, as well a homage to the contradictions inherent in the documentation of ephemeral art forms. The beach rakes clear pathways that become the stage for the dancers, whose movement patterns are recorded through their tracks in the newly combed sand. The first half of the performance presents dancers following in the wake of the trucks, leaving a legible trail of notation in the sand. The second half presents the reverse – the trucks follow close behind the dancers, erasing all footprints and traces of movement, or existence, as they go. This is repeated ad infinitum until the sun goes down.

Photography by Alex John Beck for Beach Sessions Dance Series